Please join the podcast!


Hi there! I would love for you to join me on the podcast!

Here’s a bit of information I put together about it.

About the Show

Statistics show that the tech industry is over 80% men, and usually they are white, straight, and any other fairly “normative” trait. But what about the rest of the people in tech? Why does it always feel as if no one knows they exist?

The idea for this show came from a few different experiences. First, I love having great conversations with other people in tech. Second, I love hearing about what projects, organizations, and events people are out doing. Finally, I love the idea of being able to share the work of “The Rest of Us in Tech” and increase visibility.

About the Episode

My overall goal with the podcast will be to highlight stories and projects of those “Rest of Us in Tech.” I think besides showing that there’s a diverse set of people out there doing awesome things, it helps the viewers see that the people doing great things are often just normal people like them.

With the specific episode, I want us to have a fun and thoughtful conversation about… whatever! I’d love to showcase events you’ve planned, groups you’ve organized, projects you’ve worked on, students you’ve taught, or anything you’re involved with! But also importantly, I don’t want it to be super serious. It should be fun and enjoyable. I have a variety of warm up topics too to get us going.

What Will the Interview Be Like?

You can find more elaborate details at

This Sounds Great, How Do I Get on Board?

Good question! First, we need to plan a date and time. I’ve been using Calendly to schedule interviews as it syncs with my calendar. So if you can, pick a spot and it’ll email me the info automatically:

It works up to 2 months in the future. While I hope we can do this soon, if you need further out, just email me back and we can schedule it.

I’ll need a few more things after that (bio, headshot, etc.) but I can get those at a later time.

Hmm, I Have Questions…

I’m happy to answer them! Feel free to email me at, or DM me on Twitter @geekygirlsarah.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully we can record an episode soon!

~ Sarah