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Webinar Interview Info Sheet
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(Revised 2/1/2017)

Thank you for volunteering to be on the show! I just wanted to provide some advice and suggestions for how the recording process works before we start. And if you have any questions, please reach out:  restofusintech@sarahwithee.com.

To pick a day, please go to https://calendly.com/restofusintech/

About The Rest of Us in Tech

Statistics show that the tech industry is over 80% men, and usually they are white, straight, and any other fairly “normative” trait. But what about the rest of the people in tech? Why does it always feel as if no one knows they exist?

The idea for this show came from a few different experiences. First, I love having great conversations with other people in tech. Second, I love hearing about what projects, organizations, and events people are out doing. Finally, I love the idea of being able to share the work of “The Rest of Us in Tech” and increase visibility.

About the Webinar Series

I noticed with conference talks there’s this wide discrepancy between talks that are recorded and published online and talks that aren’t. It widely varies by conference, but it also seems the number of talks by people other than men are vastly smaller, but it’s much smaller for other underrepresented groups. I want to change that number by allowing others to give talks streamed live, then post the recordings online later.

What I Need From You Before Streaming

I’ll need only a few things from you ahead of time:

  • A bio about yourself, like one you might read concerning a speaker at a conference, for instance.
  • The title of your talk, the abstract from it, and an approximate length.
  • A list of things you’re going to be involved with in the near future (ex: upcoming conferences or meetups)

Setting Up Your Recording Space

While slides will be the main thing streamed, it should be assumed that your video will end up in the recording as well. Here’s some ideas on how to prepare your background a bit better:

  • Make sure your background isn’t too cluttered with stuff. It makes it hard to focus on the person on screen.
  • Don’t have anything out you wouldn’t want the internet to see.
  • Try to make sure lighting is in front of you and not behind you. Light behind you casts shadows on the camera, making you more silhouette than person.
  • Have some water or other drink handy. You might want it after talking for a bit..
  • Tidy yourself up a bit, but you don’t have to be a perfect supermodel. You’re wonderful just as you are!

What to Expect at the Actual Interview




Website:  restofus.tech  or restofusintech.com


I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, or discuss more about how we want the show to go. I want the show to help make your work more visible, so I’d love to know how to do it best.

Sarah Withee