About The Rest of Us in Tech

Who Are The Rest of Us in Tech?

It’s the people that are there, but you don’t always hear them. They’re the people drowned out in the meetings. The people mistaken for admin assistants. The people with great ideas, but never get credit for them. While many conferences, events, parties, and more are aimed at technical people, there’s The Rest of Us in Tech who are often ignored.

The “rest of us” includes different people in tech including women, people of color, LGBTQ people, disabled, and more. For this, “in tech” can mean developers, designers, managers, artists, writers, or anyone who feels they exist in a technology space.

About the Podcast

This podcast is to give those people voices. It’s to show off what they’re doing at work, at school, at home, and in their cities. It’s to show the great things you may or may not have heard of, but there’s someone great behind the scenes making it happen.

This podcast will aim to hear from underrepresented people from many areas of tech, and have some fun chatting with them in the process.

The Future

The Rest of Us in Tech will have multiple aspects to find other ways to boost the voices and projects of underrepresented people in tech. The podcast was the first, and we’re hoping to get some more going soon. Stay tuned!

About the Founder and Host

Sarah Withee's profile pictureSarah Withee (aka @geekygirlsarah) is a polyglot software engineer, public speaker, teacher and mentor, and hardware and robot tinkerer located in Pittsburgh, PA. She has a passion for technology, and has ever since she wrote her first computer programs in elementary school. She captivates audiences with both popular and powerful technical and anecdotal talks. She gives workshops to teach programming and hardware building to women in tech as well as to students of all ages. She’s mentored middle and high school robotics teams to world championships. She’s even helped organize four conferences, been on a Google Year in Search video, and started the viral hashtag #SpeakerConfessions.

Check out Sarah’s blog at geekygirlsarah.com or her professional website at sarahwithee.com.

About the Podcast Editor

Emily LienhartEmily Lienhart (@lionheartknits) is a yarn whisperer, an audio manipulator, a bug sleuth, a cat lover, and a geek about town. She’s also a hugger, so be sure to tell her about your personal space boundaries. She hopes you enjoy your time spent listening to The Rest of Us in Tech and that you’ll share it with all of your friends!