A Change to the Podcast

It’s been a while since I posted an episode of the podcast on here. The simple answer is that life dragged me down, and it just became hard to make things happen. So shortly after it got released… it basically stopped.

I thought finding a video editor might help. It’d take the bulk of the time consuming workload off of me and so maybe I could enjoy the fun of interviewing people. While the workload of editing was shifted to the editor, other problems popped up, and so after 3 months, I still didn’t even have a finished episode.

I knew video would be a cool medium to show off any projects people were working on, but also to show the vibe people gave when they talked about their projects and activities. I thought it would be really fun to show the fun I have while talking to people. And I still think it could be a cool medium, but the energy needed to invest in editing video vs. editing audio is just too much at this time.

I made the hard decision to cut the two podcast streams (the video and audio ones) into just an audio one. While people who watched the videos liked them (including in my “beta tests” as well as the production episodes), ultimately I had to convince people to watch the videos rather than just get the audio stream automatically from whatever podcast player they have. The listens are at least three times higher than the watches. So it’s time to reduce my workload.

I’ve resolved nearly all the things that were putting me in a rut. I look forward to getting this podcast back up and going!

Finally, I am looking for people interested in helping me with some of the production side of things with the podcast. I do want to expand The Rest of Us in Tech project to work on other things too, so any additional help I can get would be awesome. Either tweet at me (twitter.com/restofusintech) or send an email to sarah [at] restofus.tech and let me know what you’re availablity is and what you’re interested in helping with. Or just drop a line and we can chat about it.

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening! Episode 3 will be coming out shortly, and episodes 4-7 will hopefully be not too far around the corner!


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