Back to the Swing of Things

Hey everyone!

Right after I released the first episode of the podcast, I got sick that day. After a few more days, I had totally lost my voice. I had three interviews scheduled and had to cancel them all. And then it still took a few weeks to fully recover as well as to get my voice entirely back. It definitely threw off my momentum, and made me feel really awkward about announcing a new thing and then immediately abandoning it.

But I’m back! I rescheduled all three interviews and have recorded them! And the second episode is edited and being QA’d (making sure there’s no problems with it) now. I will post it this week and start up on the third episode.

And in other news… I’m getting the website going again! It’s now mostly updated and has the podcast episodes on it. What this also means is now the feeds are generated that I can send to the iTunes Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and anywhere else to offer it in more ways than before. It’ll be exciting to see how many ways I can spread the great stories, projects, and more that people are working on.

I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’m looking forward to seeing where all this goes from here!

~ Sarah

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